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The meribel valley, unique and singular


Méribel is an elegant and discrete mountain resort which offers the very best skiing to all those passionate about snowsports, whether learners or expert. This winter, the heart of les 3 Vallées is celebrating its 80th birthday and will spare no effort to offer its clients a unique experience!
Beyond this internationally-renowned resort lies Les Allues valley, a mountain valley rich in history and authenticity. Its history is that of the men and women who over the years built an unparalleled tourist destination.
Méribel is more than a ski resort; it encompasses a whole valley. And not just any valley! Its welcoming sense of hospitality owes much to its geography. The peaceful and pleasant Allues valley offers particularly welcoming wooded and snowy landscapes. There are no forbidding aspects to discourage visitors from entering this majestic, open valley... This is exactly what the Scottish Major Peter Lindsay discovered in 1936 and it encouraged him to found the resort, installing the first ski lift (in 1938) and then designing the first hotels with renowned architects. The British aristocrat insisted that all buildings must be in harmony with the Savoyard style and there should be no discord with the magnificence of the site. His ambition was to create a residential village integrated into its natural surroundings. Since then, Méribel has never departed from these guidelines and has remained true to its authentic roots.


Since tourism first began, Méribel has always rejected high-density construction that would threaten its aesthetics. Even in the 1970s, apartment buildings were designed to continue their precursors’ sober and clean lines. Hence Méribel’s defining features are its architecture and its rural character. The resort comprises fifteen villages spread over more than 1,000 hectares, from Les Allues to Méribel-Mottaret, displaying a unified architectural style. It has 2,000 permanent inhabitants and a capacity of 36,000 beds. The requirement to use materials such as stone, wood and slate has given it a harmonious and attractive image. Even today, chalet renovations must comply with this style. Méribel figures amongst the 16 French resorts awarded the title “Top of the French Alps” (chosen from 300). The doyenne of les 3 Vallées represents excellence and the prestige of an iconic tourist destination.

80 years later, Méribel remains true to this desire for architectural unity in total harmony with its mountain environment, giving the resort an authentic, harmonious and attractive image. Simplicity and discretion are the watchwords of all Méribel’s constructions, then and now.
The name Méribel comes from the Latin "mirare bellum" which means "the point where the view is beautiful", and the resort is aptly named... Nestled in the heart of the largest ski area in the world, Méribel spreads amongst fir trees in a picture-postcard setting. Its elegance is derived from sobriety and harmony. Chalets blend into their environment, nature is preserved and the landscapes are breath-taking: a great white expanse adorned with fir and larch, spectacular panoramas over the surrounding peaks, the intoxicating beauty of the Tuéda Nature Reserve and the wealth of fauna and flora present in summer and winter...