Fun slopes

The Inuit piste 

Set out to discover the world of the Arctic! Come to enjoy the Inuit Piste with your children !

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Yeti park

The Yeti park 

Gambler at heart, enter the gates of this magic beginner area and find Yooni the Yeti !  

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The moon wild 

Follow a path through the forest; learn about the animal tracks and have fun learning to recognise their calls...

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Piste des animaux
Le dragon de l

The Altaï dragon

Set out to discover the Altai Dragon trail and find the full-sized dragons hidden all along this new fun piste!

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Learn the risks encountered off-piste and what to do in an emergency - no need to be a pro to better know the mountain ! 

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Turn & Run

Turn & Run

What about a little competition with your childrens ? Try to follow them on this new fun run, through the snail, little snow bridge and whoops ! 

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Your easy skipass


Thursday, September 19

A whiteout….so what?

Trend of the day to 4000m Altitude

Weather forecastWednesday 18 September 2019

Visibility : Poor visibility
6 km/h 11°C 1450m
8 km/h 3°C 2700m
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TENDENCYWednesday 18 September 2019

Info Neige

no dispo

Last snowfallThursday 4 April 2019

1450m 0cm
2700m 0cm
All snow report

SlopesWednesday 18 September 2019

Slopes Green
0 / 8
Slopes Blue
0 / 26
Slopes Red
0 / 25
Slopes Black
0 / 8
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