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Updated 3 march 2021


You can make the most of all the pleasures of the mountains in Méribel: sledding, fat bike, tubing, ski touring, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, outings on horseback or a horse-drawn sleigh, pony sledding, dog-sledding or hiking along the walking paths that stretch from Tuéda to Altiport, including la Traye, les Allues, Méribel Village and la Petite Rosière…

All these trails and paths are groomed, signposted and avalanche-controlled.

These outings are the perfect way of discovering the valley and its wonderful views in a new way, recharging your batteries in Nature, delving into the valley’s history and heritage by visiting the various hamlets of the resort, or discovering the flora and fauna of the Vanoise National Park.

In the Plan de Tuéda Nature Reserve, you can experience something totally different: Explor Games, an outdoor escape game in which you set out to find the “Heart of Méribel”. Go on an adventure guided by an app, taking on challenges, solving puzzles and avoiding the traps laid along your path…

Close to the areas where these activities take place, numerous restaurants offer you take-away or click & collect meals so you can enjoy a well-deserved reward after your efforts. The various picnic areas are open (except those on the pistes) so you can enjoy the fresh air and enchanting vistas over the Méribel valley.

Children can make the most of the numerous activities offered by the resort’s ski schools: skiing kindergarten, igloo-building, snowshoe outings, orienteering, snow sport challenges or learning to ski or snowboard.

Young and old alike can also share friendly and sociable activities offered for free by Méribel Tourisme: treasure hunts, badminton on snow, sculptures on ice, turbo-sledding, outdoor storytelling – there’s something for everybody!

You can also enjoy shopping in our many open shops (sports equipment, clothing, interior design, souvenirs, food etc.) and make the most of take-aways or home delivery from the resort’s various bars, restaurants and caterers.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Discover all the available activities in our Highlights programme.

The ski area is closed

(by decree dated 3 March 2021)

Certain activities are authorised and avalanche-controlled, in defined areas and during fixed times:

  • Footpaths
  • Snowshoe trails at Tueda and the Altiport
  • Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon Shooting Range at the Altiport
  • Toboggan run at Mottaret centre and la Chaudannes
  • Beginner alpine skiing, supervised by qualified alpine ski instructors only, on the Chaudanne plateau in Méribel and Mottaret (by the Ourson lift) in areas with gentle slopes and a natural stopping zone.
  • Fat biking on the footpaths at the Altiport and Tuéda
  • Snowmobiling from Mottaret le Hameau
  • Dog sled outings may only be offered by authorised companies who have signed a specific agreement with the municipality.

All these activities may be carried out only between 9.00am and 4.30pm (with the exception of the walking paths).

The cinemas are closed, as is the Auditorium which therefore will not be able to host children’s shows.

The Olympic Centre nurseries, swimming pool, ice-rink and spa are closed.


Committed, together

Méribel’s wide-open spaces await you, so you can make the most of the pure air of our beautiful valley!

Everything has been put in place to guarantee you an exceptional holiday in Méribel.

Rest assured, we have put in place all the necessary measures to guarantee your safety and that of our staff.

See our protocole page

Ski-touring, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking...

Activité raquette

At Méribel, you can make full use of the signposted, maintained and avalanche-controlled trails for outings on snowshoes, on foot or cross-country skis.

Head towards the Plan de Tueda Nature Reserve and Altiport Forest for outings through magnificent scenery on foot or on snowshoes. For fans of cross-country skiing, it’s all happening at the Altiport area with a dedicated trail and biathlon shooting range for those who want to emulate the legendary French biathlete, Martin Fourcade.

Cross-country skiing may be practiced in these areas only from 9.00am to 4.30pm.

You can also take the walking paths which lead you through Méribel’s various villages and hamlets and learn about their history and heritage. You can also discover ski touring thanks to outings guided by the valley’s professional guides.

For ski touring, 2 marked, groomed and avalanche-controlled itineraries are available.

A 2.7km green itinerary on the Blanchot piste (400m climb) and a 4km out-and-back itinerary from Méribel-Mottaret (713m climb).

We urge you to be particularly vigilant with regards to the risk of avalanche during your skiing activities and recommend you arrange supervision of your activities by contacting the ski schools.

To make life even easier, remember to reserve your ski equipment in advance at one of the valley’s ski hire shops.


This concept, which combines aspects of an escape game and geocaching, offers you a novel experience along a themed trail in the Tuéda Nature Reserve, at the heart of the Vanoise National Park.

Guided by an app, you’ll set out on an adventure, finding clues, solving puzzles and avoiding traps laid along your path. Only you have the power to save the valley by finding Méribel’s legendary heart-shaped jewel, which has the power to bring peace and harmony.

This new activity is, above all, a fun and original way of discovering the magnificent Tuéda Nature Reserve, with its lake, wide variety of plant life (545 species) and animals (around 400) such as the cembro pine, nutcracker bird, black grouse, marmot, ibex and chamois, and its sublime scenery…


Méribel on horseback

Balade à cheval

Are you looking for an original and fun activity that gets you closer to nature?

Let yourself be carried away by the valley’s horses! Discover the fabulous scenery around the resort and experience Méribel’s unspoilt natural surroundings on a horse-drawn sledge, or ski joëring or on horseback. Enjoy the valley in a different way on a horse-drawn carriage that takes you to Lake Tuéda, or on horseback through Méribel’s forests and meadows.

Let yourself be carried away by pony-sledding, the miniature sized version of ski-joëring which is equally suited to children and their parents, and ideal for family fun and laughter.

Fatbike through the snowy landscapes of Méribel

Originating in the United States, fat bikes are mountain bikes with large rims and under-inflated tyres, designed to be ridden on snow.

Méribel’s MCF mountain bike school offers you fat bike outings.

These outings are led by professionals who know their sport and the ski area perfectly. Contrary to what some believe, fat bikes are easier to ride than mountain bikes as their giant tyres offer better grip and easier balance. Easy to handle, even for non-cyclists, this fat bike experience is a voyage through winter landscapes that offers contact with nature in a unique and unusual way.

You can also ride fat bikes every day from 9am to 4.30pm every day on the walking paths at the Altiport and Tueda.

Fat Bike

Immitate France's sporting hero, Martin Fourcade


Make the most of your stay in Méribel by trying biathlon which combines cross-country skiing and rifle-shooting. Get started with ESF.

Take up Prosneige’s “Biathlon Challenge”: imitate Olympic champion Martin Fourcade and test yourself in Biathlon. This sport, which combines endurance and skill, is not always won by the fittest!

Concentration, stress-management and the pleasure of accomplishment – you’re sure to fall in love with this friendly and fun activity. It’s open to all!

Open to children from 7 years old.

Dozens of activities for children

Your children will be able to enjoy the many activities offered by the resort’s ski schools. The kindergartens at la Chaudanne and Mottaret centre will be open with reception facilities adapted to the current health conditions.

Méribel’s ESF will offer ski touring and snowshoeing outings, biathlon, laser biathlon and Nordic skiing taster sessions for all ages.

These activities will be organised every day in half-days from 9:30 am to 11:30.

The Prosneige Children’s Club will also organise activities for your children during your stay.

Oxygène ski school offers ski and snowboard courses specially designed for children and teenagers. And for even more fun during the holidays, book your children onto a multi-activity course.



Igloo Méibel

Free entertainments for all the family are offered from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

  • Tuesdays:
    Turbo-sled & Sculpture at Mottaret (at the foot of the slopes)
    Come and challenge yourself on the sled run and unleash your creativity with sculpturing on snow.

  • Thursdays:
    Badminton on snow at la Chaudanne
    Challenge your family or friends to this famous racket game on snow. Fast reactions and precision are key!

Younger children are invited to meet at the Tuéda Nature Reserve or at la Chaudanne for a treasure hunt, or to make a holiday scrapbook or Brazilian bracelets, open air story-telling and other surprises!

See the complete programme and how to participate in the Highlights Programme.

Shopping in our boutiques

All the resort’s shops adhere to a strict health protocols to ensure safe shopping sprees.

Even the most avid of shoppers will be delighted with our shops for sporting equipment, clothing and accessories of all kinds!

You can never have too many handbags, sunglasses or jewellery!

So make sure you make your way to Méribel’s leather-goods stores, jewellers or opticians.

And don’t leave without visiting our souvenir shops, to take home with you (or offer a loved one) a piece of Méribel!


Méribel's restaurants - at home


Méribel has no shortage of gourmet restaurants (including Michelin-starred ones) where you can savour Alpine cuisine revisited by talented chefs. And to give your taste buds a treat, you can also enjoy many of these delights at home! These gourmet pleasures have their roots in the culinary history of the Alps, from the court of the Dukes of Savoy to the mountain pastures where the cheeses ripen…

Discover the range of take-aways on offer and enjoy the gastronomy of the valley during your stay.


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