Périod of opening

Tuesday 13 August 2019 between 5 pm and 6.30 pm.


Place de l'Office du Tourisme - Méribel Mottaret

Méribel Mottaret

73550 Méribel

Tél: +33 (0)4 79 08 60 01


In the case of bad weather, show will be held at the Auditorium in Méribel Centre at 6pm. Free

Children's Show by Xavier Stubbe: Walking on your head!

Through songs and humour, Xavier Stubbe questions and prompts his audience to contemplate the things which make up their daily lives.

With his characteristic humour, the songwriter talks of a future that already seems close at hand: 2050; a time of autonomous house with packages delivered by drone. He is amazed by these developments, such as a tower of Jeddah 1,000 meters high, and the consequences of progress, like the Tata 5G that is always connected. In a world where we feel different, Xavier talks about the importance of Friends and Adventures and, because he knows children still have plenty of time to become serious, he wonders with them: Where are the mosquitoes in winter; laughs while singing “Atishoo”; fails to be bilingual in “I speak English”; and even has a Silly Song in his bag.
Xavier Stubbe has a child’s spirit and gives free rein to the imagination.
A poetic and funny show of up-to-date music, a festive world of percussion, drum-machines, guitars, samples and even a vibraphone!



Tuesday, June 18

Gorgeous day ! Suncream today !

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