Great fun for kids you and old, this duo of "Rouge", a mischievious little lady who likes to play pranks and "Zebre" her big cowardly sidekick are very different and yet inseparable as you will see through their stories, songs and games.

The odd couple knew each other as children until one day life separated them....but this year they are determined to meet up...join them as they celebrate their reunion with memories, stories of their travels and their fast wit.

Périod of opening

Tuesday 11 February 2020 between 6 pm and 7 pm.


Free of charge.


  • English
  • French



Maison de Tourisme

73550 Méribel

Tél: 04 79 08 60 01



Wednesday, January 22

Powder day today !

Trend of the day to 1600m Altitude

Weather forecastWednesday 22 January 2020

Visibility : Poor visibility
5 km/h -1°C 1450m
15 km/h -7°C 2700m
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TENDENCYWednesday 22 January 2020

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Last snowfallSaturday 18 January 2020

Avalanche risk : significant

1450m 70cm
2700m 145cm
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SlopesWednesday 22 January 2020

Slopes Green
8 / 8
Slopes Blue
25 / 26
Slopes Red
25 / 28
Slopes Black
8 / 8
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