"Explor Games" Méribel - The quest for the heart of Méribel


Experience a new side of Méribel through the new Méribel "Explore Games" experience both winter and summer in the Tuéda reserve. A cross between a digital treasure hunt and an outdoor escape game, designed for young and old.

This winter, Méribel is launching an Explor Games®... co-financed by local government in partnership with the Vanoise National Park and lift company S3V.
This concept, a mix of escape game and natural treasure hunt, will allow you to live a new experience via a scenario-based route, proposed in winter and summer in the Tuéda reserve, in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. Guided by a mobile app, go on an adventure, with family or friends, and take up the challenges that await you!

The quest for the Heart of the Mountain

For centuries, in the Meribel valley, people have lived in harmony with nature. From ancestral traditions to welcoming visitors from all over the world, this valley continues to delight those who come to stay.
But for some time now, the elements have been unbalanced. A shadow can be felt hovering over the streams, forests and mountain pastures, threatening the future of the valley.
Some blame climatic changes, others see a change in solar magnetism, others claim that an evil spirit has awakened!
However, there is still hope: in the village of Les Allues, a story mentions a legendary object, a jewel that would have the power to restore peace and harmony around it.
You are a group of adventurers exploring Méribel. When you hear of this story, you decide to search for this mysterious object.
Set off on an adventure, in the heart of the Tueda Nature Reserve. Take on challenges, solve riddles and overcome the traps set in your path.
You alone have the power to save the valley.

Périod of opening

All year round.


Méribel - Mottaret

73550 Méribel

Tél: +33 (0)4 79 08 60 01


Thursday, December 12

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