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Chef Lieu

73190 Curienne

T�l: 04 79 84 71 60

Fax: 04 79 84 75 11

La Chapelle Saint-Michel

Reverend Bassat, the vicar of Curienne, had the idea to build the Chapelle du Mont St-Michel, overlooking Challes Les Eaux.

In order to accomplish his plan, he was assisted by various policyholders and the Pères Chartreux. The Chapelle was opened in 1879.

Located to the south of the former chapel, the Chapelle du Mont St-Michel is not entirely at the top of the mountain, which finishes to the north at 895m.



Mercredi 19 Décembre 2018

Powder day today !

Trend of the day to 1200m Altitude

Weather forecastWednesday 19 December 2018

10 km/h -1°C 1450m
18 km/h -9°C 2700m

ENNEIGEMENTWednesday 19 December 2018

Neige fraiche


Avalanche risk : _MARQUE_

1450m 50cm
2700m 140cm

PISTESWednesday 19 December 2018

Pistes Verte
7 / 8
Pistes Bleue
9 / 25
Pistes Rouge
5 / 24
Pistes Noire
1 / 7