If you have not tried yet the new Mission Black Forest sledging run, hurry up ! After having tested it, we met the other adventurers who drove its 3.4 km... and the success of this marked out slope is guaranteed.

Montage MBF 1

The adventure starts at the moment we arrived at the last step of the stairs of Tougnète gondola's exit. The enchanting scenery already pushes the most curious of us in the heart of the plot. The loan of the equipment is very convenient and of good quality. Once prepared with our sledges and helmets, it is time to discover the booklet that contains the mission to accomplish.


A new identity to adopted, stages to be taken and threats to be monitored...

Montage MBF 2

Teewon, the scout bird, guides us in order to find the different gongs and launch the alert against the invading goblins. The set, realistic and fun, project us instantaneously in the adventure and allow us to follow the mysterious legend. The idea is original, the thematic respected from the beginning to the end, in all everything has been well thought out !

Beyond the mission to accomplish, the sledging run is not like any others, giving us different sensations. The adventurers questioned, sledge lovers or simple novices, told us about the originality of the slope and its unique character that combine a remarkable setting, a playful aspect and emotion. Unlike other sledging run, this one requires a more technical riding on its 470m of drop, it is such a great opportunity to rediscover the good feelings of sledging ! There are about thirty turns, meeting speed and adrenaline, and even little falls sometimes that always make us laugh. Indeed the first meters may seem steep and you may be tempted to go fast with the speed, but once you've understand how to anticipate turns, everything becomes easier and catchy !


We enter in a world apart surrounded with fir trees and gorgeous points of view all along the way.

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The Mission Black Forest allows us to enjoy the mountain while having fun ! Furthermore it represents a nice alternative for non-skiers or an activity in addition of the ski, in order to perfect a stay ! It leaves a lot of autonomy to the participants and put us straight back to childhood. Adapted to young people (from 12 years old and 1m40 minimum) as well as adults, it is an activity that has everything to seduce you. To share with friends or family, you will go back with a head full of memories.


What about you? What are you waiting for to enter into the adventure?


Wednesday, November 13

A whiteout….so what?

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Weather forecastWednesday 13 November 2019

Visibility : Poor visibility
10 km/h -4°C 1450m
15 km/h -15°C 2700m
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TENDENCYWednesday 13 November 2019

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Last snowfallFriday 8 November 2019

1450m 10cm
2700m 75cm
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