Packing a holiday suitcase is an art, because remembering everything requires much effort from the little grey cells! So that you can happily set out without a care, we have prepared a reminder of all the essential items to pack for a ski holiday:

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To appreciate the comforts of winter and devour the pistes in relaxed style, your ski outfit is your best friend. A good outfit is warm, breathable and comfy. If you don’t already own one, you can pick one up here! Our favourites are jackets ICEROCKET JKT M and trousers ICEMANIA PANT M SALOMON.

Ski thermals, a.k.a les fameuses « base layers »

These offer excellent thermal properties, and shouldn’t be forgotten when temperatures are low… These fine layers of material really do keep you warm.

Sweater & fleece

These are bound to be the first items you pack in your suitcase… It’s a pleasure to get out your favourite sweaters that you feel good in! They combine comfort, softness and warmth for skiing or just looking stylish on your winter holidays.

Ski socks

Allow you to ski without worrying about cold feet ! Keep your feet warm in ski or snowboard boots by choosing special ski socks rather than wearing three layers of normal socks…

Swimming costume

You’re one of the fortunate ones if you remembered to pack this! They may not be the first thing that jump to mind for a ski holiday, but your swimmers will allow you to make the most of all Méribel’s wellbeing facilities. Take a tour of the Olympic Centre, for example, and relax in the Spa, whirlpool, steam room or 25m pool.


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Skis & poles / Snowboard

With these, the mountain belongs to you ! If you don’t have your own and prefer to rent, you can do so online before your holiday or in resort, where you can receive professional advice. In Méribel, we like whizzing down the slopes with Salomon skis SALOMON S/FORCE BOLD + X12 TL GW.

Ski / snowboard boots

Make sure the boot fits! Again, you can rent these online or in resort. We recommend all the same you try them to ensure they meet your requirements and so you can make any adjustments. Our favourite boots are SALOMON S/PRO 120.


This isn’t obligatory yet, though it may be one day, given how important helmets are. Rather like wearing a seat belt, it just might save your life! It also keep your head toasty warm and makes you look like a cool ‘rider’ ! 


These are a boon for your eyes, helping them adapt to the various light levels encountered in winter ! They improve your vision by increasing contrast, according to weather conditions.

Winter boots

Make sure your feet are warm and dry for your non-ski sorties. Choose boots which are waterproof, have good insulation and soles that give good grip on all surfaces.


accessoire au ski valise sejour vacances neige soleilNeck-warmer

Acts as armour against the wind and low temperatures, keeping your neck snug.


A sound investment for keeping your fingers toasty ! Choose a windproof, water-repelling and breathable material.


Don’t forget to bring your favourite headgear !


May prove very useful for skiing! Whether it’s for carrying extra layers or storing a water bottle, phone or avalanche safety gear…


So you can look your coolest at après-ski !


alpes la trousse toilettes meribel au ski valise sejour vacances neigeSun cream

“You won’t get sunburned in winter.” You might hear this said but it’s simply not true! In the mountains, the sun grows stronger as you gain in altitude, and also reflects off the snow. Sun cream is your best friend!

Lip salve and moisturising cream

You tend to get dehydrated in the mountains. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of water and take care of your skin. Lip salve gives your lips a protective layer against reflected sun at altitude and moisturiser will rehydrate and soothe your skin after skiing. These little extras can only do you good…


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