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Alexandra : I dream of having a time when my family and I (my husband and my 2 daughters of 8 and 6) can make the most it. Magical moments such as a husky sled ride in the snow, with a break to enjoy a good hot chocolate… My 8 year old daughter asked me to buy a thermos so we can drink hot chocolate in the mountains. That’s where the idea came from to go on a sled ride!

Alexandre : Introduce my children to the snow and enjoy the great mountain attitude on a ski holiday.

Alexandre : My two children haven’t yet seen real snow. My dearest wish is to introduce them to the snow and mountain environment during a holiday where they have access first to skiing and also activities to discover the mountains and their traditions like snowshoes or analyzing the snowpack. Thank you.

Aline : Take my husband and my 2 children to spend a wonderful week in the snow. Introduce my 5 year old son to skiing, go sledding with my daughter and go on family walks.

Almath : I would like to spend time with my sister, whom I only see very rarely. There are 4 of us, and 4 of them – it would be super to get together on Méribel’s snowy slopes!

Anaïs : Spend a week’s ski holiday with my family and give ourselves a treat!

Anne : Family Christmas in Méribel.

Audrey : Take my son skiing and introduce him to the mountains. As an only parent, I don’t often have the opportunity to go on holiday and I’d love it if he could discover the pleasures of the snow!

Aurel : To be able, once in their lives, to go on a week’s ski holiday with my husband and 4 children, something I unfortunately can’t give them. Hoping that you might be able to make my wish come true. From a mother full of love for her children.


Bathfield : Just to be in the heart of Méribel with my family. Michelle, Cedric, Gabrielle, Matthieu and Enric. Xxx


Catherine : Go on a ski holiday with the family, make wonderful memories with my daughter Laura and my loved ones. Make the most of the pure mountain air, leave life’s annoyances behind…

Christine : I had the pleasure of coming here in summer since 2013. A ski holiday would be a bonus to discover Méribel in the winter. It would be perfect happiness for my children, Marie, 15, and Pierre-Louis who will be 18 on the 25th of January.


Emilie :  Pouvoir au moins une fois dans leur vie partir une semaine au ski avec mon mari et mes 4 enfants choses que je ne peux malheureusement pas leurs offrir. En espérant que tu puisses réaliser mon souhait. Une maman comblée de l’amour de ses enfants


Fabien : For this Christmas I would like to be able to take my family on holiday to the snow so they can discover my passion for skiing.


Gérard : Return to Méribel with my little sister to where I used to go on summer camp (Hotel du Lac Bleu, la Tougnette) and pick edelweiss…

Hugues : Win a week’s holiday in your resort to share with the family.


Inès : Go on holiday to Méribel with my family for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Ingrid : A lovely family holiday !


Jeanelyne : My wish is to bring my two children in Méribel for ski. I am a single mother and I can’t afford the price for Méribel, ski , forfaits and materials is too expensive. I work as a femme de ménage and my salary will not allow us to enjoy skiing.

Jeff : I’d like to go on holiday to les 3 Vallées with my wife and my 3 daughters and whizz down the slopes with my family!!! AWESOME!!!


Kerfous: Go on holiday to the mountains with my daughters.


Laurie : Take my daughter to the snow. She is 10, that would be a best present ever, there are only just the two of us, that would be marvellous.


Marie : My daughter’s biggest wish is to ski with her family. Clarisse, 9 years old.


Nat : Give my 2 daughters and my grandson a holiday in the mountains.

Noélie : Get my family and friends together for a big party in an exceptional setting. Thank you, Méribel!

Nora : A week in a chalet in Méribel with all my family!


Sébastien : My dearest wish would be to go on a ski weekend in a beautiful chalet with all my family, children, mother-in-law, brothers- and sisters-in-law (9 adults and 8 children in total). A possible dream?

Stéphanie : I was never able to share holidays with my parents because of a lack of time, money, time, money... Now I am a mother, my dearest wish is to create memories with my son. The sort we would share over family dinners and evenings with friends.

Stéphanie : Spend a dream holiday week with the family, to be able to spoil my loved ones: lift passes, restaurants – a dream.


Thibault Family : While waiting until 23rd February when we will be fortunate enough to once again enjoy your ski area, restaurants and atmosphere, I wish you a wonderful festive period and that 2019 may bring you alternating Sunshine and Snow! But sunshine when we will be there with our children Romane, Louise and Sixtine,  See you very soon!

Tiffany : For my son!


Virginie : Introduce my two daughters aged 5 and 3 to the mountains and its activities.



Friday, December 06

Powder day today !

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Weather forecastThursday 5 December 2019

Visibility : Poor visibility
10 km/h -2°C 1450m
11 km/h -8°C 2700m
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TENDENCYThursday 5 December 2019

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Last snowfallMonday 2 December 2019

1450m 25cm
2700m 80cm
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