Visuel Mérilove



Claire : I wish we lived in a more eco friendly world, we can all stop this awful pollution but we must work together and be united , I wish for this every day.

Claude : Peace in the world, at last!


Delphine : Opperated on for a new cancer on 19th December, my wish this year is to get through this and make the most of my time with my family.


Estelle : Méribel is synonymous with Love! May love of the mountains, the valleys, and nature remain forever breathtaking! The spirit of Méribel gathers together all that is best in humanity: humility in the face of the force of nature and humanity gathering together all that is most beautiful!


Fabienne : For 2019, I would wish for more peace and less selfishness, happy holidays!

Fanny : My wish for 2019? A lover, a real one! Someone who loves travelling as much as me and, if possible, with strong arms to take care of me… Would that be possible, Father Christmas? And a better France, if that is possible  Kisses, chocolates and tenderness, Father Christmas!


Monique : Here we are with 2019 approaching
The time for wishes and hopes
A time to look back over the past year
its joys gleaned and hopes dashed
May the year that’s beginning
Bring you, parents and friends
Health, happiness and freedom from worry
To you and all those around you.


Patrice : 2019 seems to be shaping up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Julien, Maxime, Aurélie, Patrice, Névée / With a postal card, Made x Love ♥

Philippe : Lots of powder and laughs. Avalanches of joy and snowfalls of love…

Justine : The best for the coming new year/season, the best for this superb resort! Great slopes, fantastic ESF instructors, look forward to coming back in Méribel for more snowboarding!


Sabrina : Treat my son of 18 years who has had asthma since the age of 3 and he finds it difficult, so my wish is to give him a treat. If I could, I would pay for him to take a trip to Florida so he can go to all the theme parks as he adores them.

Sandrine : My dream would be to marry my darling at Méribel surrounded by my children.


Teresa : Love and human warmth!


Wayne : A winters mountain, white and steep,
Where on the hill i barely sleep
Thinking about the park and runs
And having hot chocolate with my mum
Id wish for a trip to bring us back together
Of wintery memories we'll remember forever
With hot open fires and delicious food
And smelling mountain air gets me in the mood
To sink into a holiday of adventure and fun
Bringing together, my brothers, dad and my mum.



Friday, December 06

Powder day today !

Trend of the day to 1700m Altitude

Weather forecastThursday 5 December 2019

Visibility : Poor visibility
10 km/h -2°C 1450m
11 km/h -8°C 2700m
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TENDENCYThursday 5 December 2019

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Last snowfallMonday 2 December 2019

1450m 25cm
2700m 80cm
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SlopesFriday 6 December 2019

Slopes Green
0 / 8
Slopes Blue
0 / 26
Slopes Red
0 / 28
Slopes Black
0 / 8
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