Visuel Méri xperiences



Angélique : Spend a day in the mountains on a husky sled ride! What a dream that would be, a day mushing…. Thank you Méribel, for this competition, and Happy Christmas and New Year!

Audrey : A pampering stay in the mountains for me, my husband and my children. With tobogganing and dog sledding activities and why not a day in a spa?


Benoit : A night in an igloo.

Besson Family : My wish is to win!! And have a great time with the family in one of the hotels offered. Well-supervised skiing days finishing, after some tobogganing, with a gourmet family meal.


Catherine : Meet convivial people who would share their enthusiasms (sport, cooking, craft etc).

Cécile : Share a gastronomic meal with the family (7 of us) after an unforgettable day above the valley (in a plane or helicopter).

Chloé : 
Go dog sledding!

Claire : To have a special position as close as possible to the athletes during the World Ski Championships in your resort!


David :  I would wish for a ride in a dog sled, learn to ice sculpt and learn how to build an igloo then spend an evening in it!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed… Happy holidays to all. In these difficult times, the Christmas and New Year holidays are the perfect occasion to get together as a family, the best present there is!


Eugénie :  Dog sledding and a photo session in the snow. Thank you for this competition!


Françoise : A little sled descent in winter or a walk in September to hunt mushrooms. I’m crossing my fingers.


Gilles : My wish would be to do a dog sledding outing and spend the night in an igloo!


Jean-François : Take part in a long-distance dog sled and also a car race on ice.


Lady H : I have never been to the mountains and I’d love to discover this environment. Go snowbiking and dog-sledding and share them with my loved ones.

Laurent : An activity that I’d love to try, if it exists near to the resort, is scuba diving in a lake under the ice.

Lise : A dog-sled outing!


Manon : Hello Méribel! I’m Manon, I’m 19 and I study in Toulouse and my dream would be to go on a lively horse ride in the snow in Méribel with my boyfriend. And then enjoy a wonderful meal, just the two of us, the sort of meal you only dream about. Do you think you could make my dream come true? Thank you, Méribel. See you soon in the snow!

Manon : All the family activities there are, dog sledding etc. And less family-oriented ones too, paragliding, snow scooters etc.

Manon : Go on a 1 week holiday with my daughter (nearly 3 years old), my future husband and my dad, in a pretty and warm chalet, with heated pool, and all possible family activities, dog sledding etc. And less family-oriented one too, snow scooter etc.

Mélissa : Spend a night in an igloo with a spa.

Muriel : At 68 years old and having never done any winter sports, I would so love to see the snow. It would be crazy to try dog sledding with your partner, and enjoy it to the full. Good evening.

Murielle : My wish would be to go on a dog sledding!


Patrice : To be able to watch the French biathlon championships as a VIP which take place on 30 and 31 March in Méribel. With the hope of meeting our superb champions who make us all dream!!


Rodhri : VIP entry to La Folie Douce !


Sarah : To be ski guided and make first tracks under a powder blue sky. Finish the day with view of pink peaks in the setting sun.

Stéphane : Do a torchlight descent with the instructors.


Yann :  Do a dog sledding outing or snow scooter ride.



Friday, December 06

Powder day today !

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Weather forecastThursday 5 December 2019

Visibility : Poor visibility
10 km/h -2°C 1450m
11 km/h -8°C 2700m
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TENDENCYThursday 5 December 2019

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Last snowfallMonday 2 December 2019

1450m 25cm
2700m 80cm
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SlopesFriday 6 December 2019

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