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Looking for something unusual, a change from the routine ? Don't miss the last chance this season, March 13th, to try this winter's new and most novel experience ! Enjoy a delicious cheese fondue together with an assortment of cold meats, all accompanied to perfection with a specially selected white wine, whilst riding in a cable car decorated and equipped as your private restaurant. From Méribel Centre at 1450m above sea level, fly up the mountains to 2100m. This is a unique opportunity to see the valley by the light of the moon and the stars. The evening is in 3 stages, starting with a welcome drink under Giant Igloo with the “mountains Spritz”, and its “soup bar”, then take your seats for your panoramic gastronomic tour, followed by the "Sapin Bar" with mountain desserts & Génépi bar back at the Chaudanne. An evening to remember !

Damien, Valéria et Maxime


I was keen to try the experience just for the fun of it. There is a wide choice of activities to do in Méribel, but this was an opportunity to test a new one. As I hadn't heard much about it before I found that I was in for a real surprise... This was more than just a fondue in a gondola ! I was impressed by the organisation of the whole evening. I hadn’t expected that there would be so many entertaining elements. What with the Giant Igloo and its soup bar, the local Savoyard aperitif, the generous refilling of the fondue, bread and cheese at the intermediate station, desserts back at the Igloo…blueberries, pears, coffee, genepi...

The evening went by so fast. It was all so magical that it almost felt too short... Seeing Méribel by night from the air and under a starry sky….we are used to seeing the slopes and the Hotel during the day so it was very beautiful to discover them by a different light at night.

I'd like to try it all over again with friends ! In Méribel we are used to eating fondue, but this time it was truly different.

"Not just a simple fondue and I think that is why everyone in resort and further afield is taking about it"





I was pleasantly surprised by everything before, during and after the fondue. I had thought it would be a simpler affair, that everything would only take place by or in the cable car. But no.. in fact I loved the first part under the Giant Igloo, which sets the tone well for the rest of the evening. From the start, we were very well received in a friendly atmosphere. We talked with the other participants, talked about the evening’s entertainment... It was rather cold outside and we were comfortable under the Igloo with the delicious pumpkin or mushroom soup to warm us.

The fondue in the cable car was well organised and the interior was very comfortable. A local winegrower presented us his AOC wines that we tasted during the ascent. On arrival, a range of delicious pastries awaited us with Genepi from the Savoie... only the best local products !

The evening was full of entertainment and charm; we were pampered from beginning to end. It's a rather unique gastronomic experience, and I appreciate everything that's a bit original, out of the ordinary...Furthermore the quality of the ingredients was excellent, and then I love fondue ! It's a winning combination.

"Unique and unforgettable." 


Upon arrival we were shown to a lovely setting with small fires scattered around, an igloo illuminated with beautiful coloured lights and the famous “Spritz des montagnes”. There is a large buffet with plenty of staff who made welcomed us. Then Sylvain Chardonnet escorted us to our cable cars and plunged us into a magical fairy tale... launched into the sky to join the moon and stars !

The cabin is pretty, cosy, and supplied with soft warm covers to make us comfortable. We were able to enjoy our Savoyard fondue in a real mountain atmosphere, and it was great. Once back under the igloo and it was time for desserts and a chat with other participants.

Telefondue is a bit like paragliding in the sense that it is something exceptional, sensational and emotional, nothing like eating a fondue in a restaurant, a real and novel experience. It was dark and we really sensed that we were alone on the mountain. And then we are with people who came with the same curious desire to be pleased as us, everyone was excited to be doing something unusual, not really knowing what we were going to find. My favourite moment was the moment we stepped into the cabin, we kind of knew what we were in for and yet at the same time it was exciting !

" A great attraction that is surprising from beginning to end and leaves one with indelible memories."

téléfondue 2

N.B. : the participants high-lighted to us the importance of being warmly dressed and of wearing suitable shoes for the event. The temperatures can go very low in the evenings on mountain.


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