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Tuesday 9 July 2019 between 6 pm and 7 pm.



73550 Méribel

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Free to participate.

Mudras: body and mind care with our hands

If you know how to use mudras, you can maintain your physical, mental and spiritual health. We will see the practice of Mudras to work on letting go and breathing

The Sanskrit word mudra means "sign", or "seal". It comes from the terms: "mud" which means happiness, happiness and "dhra" which means dissolution. Each mudra has a deep meaning and has a part of the magic of life, each finger has its function and power within our organism. When the fingers touch, the "nadis" (subtle energy channels) are connected and particular energy vibrations are activated. The different elements that make up our body and the entire universe can associate and cooperate. When we practice mudras, we create with our fingers particular shapes that heal the body and mind. It is also the principle of yoga asanas (postures). Moreover, mudras are often referred to as "finger yoga". Practiced regularly, mudras improve our general health, and body-mind-universe harmony

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