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Les soins de Magali/ coaching Nature & yoga

Périod of opening

Friday 10 August 2018 between 10 AM and noon.


Parking du lac de Tuéda; Repli - Maison des Générations aux Allues

73550 Méribel

T�l: +33 (0) 6 37 44 38 36


15€ or 10€ if modest budget. Free for children. On reservation.

Medthods of payment :



Yoga and coaching: Zen family and kindly parents, Tueda

Workshop for families, mums & babies to create a safe environment for the child, the true foundation of self-confidence. Breathe, play and grow together so that each individual respects the other’s personal fulfilment. Help your child move towards autonomy! Bad weather: Maison des Générations aux Allues.


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Les soins de Magali/ coaching Nature & yoga

Reconnect with Magali's holistic and intuitive approach: life coaching, Zen Shiatsu, deep tissue massage, Tradi- tional Thaï massage, Chi...
From 02/07 to 26/08/2018, daily.

From 05/12/2018 to 26/04/2019, daily.


Tuesday 20 November 2018

A whiteout….so what?

The trend of the day: 1800m at noon

Weather forecastTuesday 20 November 2018

19 km/h -4°C 1450m
15 km/h -11°C 2700m

ENNEIGEMENTTuesday 20 November 2018

Neige fraiche


1450m 0cm
2700m 0cm

PISTESTuesday 20 November 2018

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