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Horse sleigh Tour

Are you looking for a differentfun activity right admist nature? Let the valley's horses lead the way! By sledge, by ski-joering or traditional horse-back, discover the resort's fabulous landscapes with these majestic animals.

Discover nature at Méribel in unique fashion.

Horse-back rides in the snow

Riding through the snow on horse back: enjoy a unique experience!
From 09/12 to 21/04, daily between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Sleigh ride

Horse drawn sleigh ride through the snow, you too can drive the poney
From 15/11/2016 to 08/05/2017, daily.


This novel snow sport combines the dual delights of skiing and horses in a magical winter setting. Ready for a challenge? Try the slalom, t...
From 10/12/2016 to 23/04/2017, daily between 10 AM and 5 PM.

A daytime outing around Lake Tueda

A wonderful ride out through magnificent mountain scenary up to Lake Tueda
From 01/01 to 30/04, daily.

Pony on lead rein

Until 12 years old Take a pony on lead rein with your child on and walk along a suitable path .
From 01/05 to 30/04, daily between 9 AM and 6 PM.


Paragliding, Igloo experience for children, ski joering, poney sledge, "fondue" in an igloo, dog sleldding, heliskiing, snowmobile... Prosne...


A whiteout….so what?

The trend of the day: 1800m at noon

Tuesday 27 June 2017

1450 m 2700 m
0 cm 136 cm

Avalanche risk : _FAIBLE_

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