Périod of opening

Thursday 3 August 2017 between 9.15 AM and 11.45 AM.


Place de l'Office du Tourisme - Méribel

Méribel Centre

73550 Méribel

Tél: 04 79 08 60 01


Free of charge.

Follow the Guide. Authentic Theme Week

Aurélie will tell you the story of ‘Méribel and its history.’ A guided visit in French. Meet the Méribel Centre Tourist Office. Sign-up in either of the Tourist Offices until the day before, limited to 20 people max.



It’s snowing ! Lucky You !

The trend of the day: 1800m at noon

Sunday 19 November 2017

1450 m 2700 m
1 °C -22 °C
8 cm 33 cm

Avalanche risk : Unavailable

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