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73500 Modane

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Free access.

Circuit of 'Esseillon'

A circuit that group some Haute-Maurienne villages and circles the amazing fortification of L'Esseillon.

This loop takes you from Modane through the villages of Aussois, Sardières, Sollières and Bramans.From Modane, this loop connects the villages of Aussois, Sardières, Sollières and Bramans.

The road surface of the circuit is good and the traffic level is moderate.

You can find water in all the villages, and you can eat in Modane, Aussois, Sardières, Sollières, Bramans and Villarodin.

You can find also "Accueil cyclo" accommodation in Haute-Maurienne.

There are lots of impressive sites in the circuit, such as Fort Saint-Gobain, "L'Arche d'Oé" museum, "Les Lozes" archeology park, "Esseillon" forts, the "Monolithe", Archeology museum of Sollières, and to finish fortifications Interpretation Center of Avrieux.


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