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From 08/12/2018 to 22/04/2019 between 9 AM and 4.30 PM.


From Méribel Mottaret, take the cable car to Plattières then go down the blue slope of Bouvreuil.

73550 Méribel

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Free access.

Nature secrète TUEDA

The Bear Trail runs through a National Nature Reserve. It's unique in France and it's an exception that you have to taste. You will cross the largest cembraie of the Alps and discover, can be cross several rare wild animals.

Do you know the trail of the Bear?
This track crosses a National Nature Reserve, the Reserve of Tuéda, an exceptional and preserved natural area. (Precision: it existed before the classification of this space in the National Reserve which explains this unprecedented situation)
It is unique in France and it is an exception that you must know how to taste and taste with full knowledge of the facts.
While browsing this track, you will cross the largest cembraie of the Alps. (The cembraie is a forest of cembro pines, also called arolles)
The reserve has a great diversity of plants and animals since 545 plant species and about 400 animal species are inventoried, many of which are remarkable and rare. With a little luck you can see a black grouse, an ibex or a mountain hare. And do not hesitate to stop to admire the lord of the place, the cembro pine which some specimens are several hundred years old.
A scenography at the entrance and exit of the perimeter of the reserve is set up so that you can better appreciate this natural sanctuary.

Make a stop at the restaurant of the Plan des Mains located at the start of the track