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Xmas Collection UK visuel bloc cadre

Christmas Collection 

Get away from it all to the heart of the Alps and celebrate the Christmas you have always dreamed of.

offre épuisée nouvel an collection uk

New Year Collection 

What shall we do for New Year ? There’s no need to organise anything – Méribel has done it all for you ! 5…4…3 …2…1…

offre famille collection uk

Family Collection

“Best of” collection of activities and special offers you won’t miss out on a thing for all the family! Little ones, teens, parents...

Base création offre épuisée 2 UK

 Zen Altitude Collection

Replenish your energy stores, relax and savour every moment with our Zen Altitude Collection, where well-being reigns supreme.


A whiteout….so what?

The trend of the day: 1800m at noon

Monday 15 October 2018

1450 2700

Avalanche risk : Unavailable

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